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For Sale: Dapsin S.A.C.

Available in mid July, 2017 Peruvian company of flawless reputation and with an excellent and wide ranging trading charter. Dapsin S.A.C. has a contract position for an international person to become resident via a work visa (based on S/.1000 per month salary). The company regirstration includes all required relaxations of local employment requirements in place to apply for a Carnet de Extranjeria.

The name, Dapsin, is not known to have significance in any major language (or identified minor languages). It was chosen as a two syllable name that has common and easy pronunciation in most languages. The trading name may be either licenced for Peru, or acquired with full rights and IP.

Included for sale are the following internet domain names of flawless repuation:


Please contact Senior Sergio Vargas Crimi, of NVC Abogados, Lima, on

994 299 535

or contact him >>BY EMAIL<< for all details.